Bhagwan Marine is a leading Marine Solutions provider operating in the Oil & Gas, Resources, Renewables, Civil Construction, Marine Logistics and Defence industries


Our core service lines include:

Continuing Success – Chevron award TVI Offshore Decommissioning Contract

Bhagwan Marine in partnership with Linch-pin have been awarded the significant contract by Chevron for the TVI Offshore Decommissioning Project. The contract represents a major accomplishment for Bhagwan Marine, highlighting our expertise and ability to deliver complex projects of this nature.

​​​Bhagwan Marine Win Five-Year Contract with Chevron

Bhagwan Marine have been awarded a five-year contract with Chevron to provide marine services at the Wheatstone Platform in North West WA.

Fitzroy River Ferry Service – Kimberley Flood Response

The Fitzroy River Bridge suffered significant damage during the floods caused by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie in December 2022 and January 2023, which left communities in Fitzroy Crossing and the West Kimberley region cut off from essential logistics routes.

Emergency Barge Services – BM Joins Forces with Centurion and DFES

​In a remarkable display of collaboration and community support, Bhagwan Marine played a pivotal role with the mobilisation of landing crafts Seawind 1 & Bhagwan Mover to aid flood-stricken areas in January 2023.

CMV Athos Secures Contract Extension as Jadestone and Vermilion Prolong Partnership

Bhagwan Marine are thrilled to announce the extension of its Tripartite Agreement with Jadestone...

Spoilbank Marina Project – Port Hedland

Bhagwan Marine have been engaged by Halls Contracting with the opportunity to be involved in the construction phase that includes the provision of  the Bhagwan Abrolhos & George to support the dredging works.

Port Victoria award Bhagwan Marine Station Pier Contract

Bhagwan Marine have been awarded a contract by Ports Victoria (PV) for a Wharf Remediation package...

Unveiling Excellence: Bhagwan Joins Bentley Perth in Exclusive Debut

In a remarkable collaboration, Bhagwan Marine had the opportunity to showcase their expertise by successfully transferring Bentley Perth’s exquisite vehicles across the Swan River
to The Raft in an exclusive unveiling of the new Bentayga.