The Spoilbank Marina Project is a major infrastructure project in Port Hedland, Western Australia. The project involves the construction of a new marina and associated facilities on the Port Hedland waterfront.

The Project is being delivered by the Pilbara Ports Authority, with the support of the Western Australian Government and involves a range of contractors and subcontractors, including civil engineering firms, marine construction companies, and environmental consultants.

Bhagwan Marine have been engaged by Halls Contracting (Major contractor) with the opportunity to be involved in the construction phase that includes the provision of  the Bhagwan Abrolhos & George to support the dredging works.

The work involved in the Spoilbank Marina Project includes but is not limited to dredging and reclamation of land, construction of a new breakwater, installation of pontoons and jetties, and construction of new buildings and facilities. The project also involves significant environmental management and monitoring, to ensure that the marine environment is protected during construction and operation of the marina.

The Spoilbank Marina is a major investment in the Port Hedland region, and is expected to provide significant economic and social benefits to the local community.
Bhagwan Marine are proud to be contracted by Halls & involved in this major infrastructure project.


BM Vessels the Bhagwan Abrolhos & George.
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