Port Services

A vital part of Bhagwan Marine’s operation is our Port Services Division. A purpose-built modern fleet of vessels, which includes water taxis, tug boats, multicats, construction barges and utility vessels, is available to assist across a wide range of projects.


  • Wharf & Jetty Construction support
  • Crew Change/Transfers
  • Harbour Towage
  • Line Boats
  • Inshore survey
  • Geotechnical Support
  • General Marine Project Support
  • Ship Supply Runs
  • Navigational Aid Maintenance
  • Mooring Installation, Maintenance and Removal
  • Short and long term Mooring Hire
  • Vessel Line Handling Services
  • Berthing
  • Transhipping
  • Dredging Support
  • Bed Levelling
  • Port Security Vessels