Bed Levelling

What is a bed leveller?

This is a bar or blade which is pulled over the seabed behind a suitable vessel (usually a tug).  It’s effect is similar to that of a bulldozer on land.

How does (Sea)Bed levelling work?

Seabed levelling is an alternative dredging technique used in many ports and harbours.

A plough is towed behind a tug along the seabed levelling high spots and ridges moving the material to nearby low spots. Additionally, built up materials can be removed from berths and other inaccessible areas into the tidal stream or operating area of a trailer suction dredger.

Why Bed Level?

  • For deepening berth pockets or removal of high spots from berth pockets, access channels, mooring basins, barge ramps, and other marine infrastructure facilities
  • Cost effective – a lot cheaper than traditional dredging
  • Significantly lower impact on the environment – only requires 1 tug
  • High spec vessels – reduces manning costs
  • Automated set-up
  • Live feed bottom survey
  • Experienced masters and crew

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