Corporate Governance


We are committed to achieving best practice standards in corporate governance, transparency, and accountability.

This is essential for Bhagwan Marine’s long-term performance and sustainability and to enhance the interests of our stakeholders.

Bhagwan Marine’s corporate governance framework and practices play an integral role in supporting our business and helping us deliver on our strategy.

It also provides the structure through which business objectives are set, our performance is monitored, and the risks we face are managed.

Post ASX-Listing, the Board continues to review its corporate governance framework and practices to ensure it meets the interests of stakeholders.

Bhagwan Marine’s Corporate Governance Statement summarises the corporate governance framework and practices.

Bhagwan Marine’s corporate governance framework aims to comply with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (ASX Principles).

More information about our corporate governance, our Board and standing Board Committee Charters and key governance policies is set out below.