Marine Services

Bhagwan Marine is a leading Marine Services provider operating in the Offshore Oil & Gas, Resources, Civil Construction, Marine Logistics and Defence industries.

Our core service lines include:

With largest and most diverse fleet of any marine company in Australia, and an expanding international fleet, we have the experienced personnel, vessels and crew to meet and exceed expectations for marine assignments in any region of the globe.

Bhagwan Marine’s ongoing search for advancement in Marine Solutions means we’re at the forefront of design innovation, certified vessel operations systems, quality assurance systems, health and safety procedures, HSE procedures, integrated management systems and the training of our personnel.

Marine Solutions

Bhagwan Marine is dedicated to providing the best possible level of service to our customers by maintaining the highest quality standards in occupational health and safety. This includes our ongoing commitment to conservation and the protection of the environment. Our management systems are audited through a third-party Certification Body to verify compliance with the three internationally recognised standards, forming the foundation of our commitment to ‘industry best practice’ across all aspects of our business.

Safety is our number one priority; a fully implemented, mature and comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) is applied across all of our Marine and Subsea operations. Bhagwan Marine’s Integrated Management System complies with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) International Safety Management (ISM) Code for marine operations. Our Diving Safety Management System (DSMS) is accepted for Australian State and Federal operations.

All Bhagwan Marine crew and specialised Subsea personnel are suitably qualified, experienced and trained in the full implementation of our Safety Management System(s) with a particular focus on the management of risks necessary in conducting safe operations.

Environmental Management is also a high priority for our business. Environmental Policies and management processes underpin our commitment to environmental sustainability through constant review of our business strategies designed to minimise our environmental footprint.

This systematic approach helps us to monitor and manage these risks throughout the lifecycle of our operations and helps minimise any impact to the environment.

We are also certified members of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) for both Marine and Diving Divisions.