Bhagwan Marine have been awarded a five-year contract with Chevron to provide marine services at the Wheatstone Platform in North West WA. The contract involves the provision of the DP2 Seamaster to perform various services, including continuous safety standby and emergency support operations, fast rescue craft operations, life support supply operations, ad-hoc DP2 supply operations, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspection operations, survey operations, and other marine services as require.

Chevron’s Wheatstone Platform is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility located 12 kilometres west of Onslow, Western Australia. The platform is one of Australia’s largest resource projects and is expected to produce 8.9 million tonnes of LNG per year.

Bhagwan Marine’s five-year contract with Chevron for the Wheatstone Platform is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality marine services in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

The partnership between Bhagwan Marine and Chevron is built on shared goals, and the company looks forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.