The Fitzroy River Bridge suffered significant damage during the floods caused by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie in December 2022 and January 2023, which left communities in Fitzroy Crossing and the West Kimberley region cut off from essential logistics routes.

In response, Beachhead Logistics launched the Fitzroy River Ferry Service on March 14, 2023 with the support of Bhagwan Marine and Blue Water Shipping. The ferry service has been a vital lifeline, reconnecting communities and providing transportation for passengers, vehicles, and cargo across the river. After just three weeks of operations, the service had transported over 10,000 passengers and 50 vehicles.

Beachhead Logistics involvement in the Fitzroy River Flood Disaster highlights their commitment to providing effective logistics solutions and support to communities in times of need.
Bhagwan Marine’s alliance has allowed for a seamless and efficient operation of the ferry service, ensuring that essential supplies and support reach those who need it most.

Bhagwan Marine like to thank all personnel involved and Beachhead Logistics who have worked tirelessly towards the successful operation.