​In a remarkable display of collaboration and community support, Bhagwan Marine played a pivotal role with the mobilisation of landing crafts Seawind 1 & Bhagwan Mover to aid flood-stricken areas in January 2023.

Due to record-breaking flooding and damage to the Fitzroy River bridge, major road access to the East Kimberley region, including Fitzroy Crossing, became impassable. Centurion, in partnership with DFES engaged Bhagwan Marine to spearhead an emergency barge service to deliver essential truck supplies to Broome & Derby, two severely affected regions.

Within 24hrs notice, the Seawind 1 mobilised & departed from Dampier with five trailers loaded with essential food supplies destined for Broome. The vessel’s played a crucial role in this strategic initiative transporting the supplies to the heavily effected regions, providing a lifeline to communities if they faced extended isolation due to floodwaters.

Bhagwan Marine extends it’s gratitude to esteemed clients Chevron & Santos for their generous release of chartered assets, the Seawind 1 and Bhagwan Mover, respectively. The swift response and teamwork demonstrated by all personnel, both shore-based and marine crew, allowed us to effectively carry out our duties and assist in flood relief efforts.
The collaborative efforts between Bhagwan Marine, Centurion, our clients, and our dedicated team exemplify the strength of community engagement during times of crisis.

As the recovery process continues, Bhagwan Marine remains committed to supporting affected communities and ensuring the timely provision of supplies to those who need them the most.