Arnhem Constructor

Vessel Particulars

Flag: Australian
Official No. Unique Identifier: 860479
Port of Registry: Darwin
Hull: Steel
GRT: 1090GRT


Length Overall: 64m
Beam: 18.29m
Draft: 3.6m
Dead Weight: 2098t
Deck Strength: 15t/m2

Ship Capacities

Fuel: 4100 Litres
Water: 5500 Litres

Deck Equipment

Anchor Winch: 4x Deck Mounted Mooring Anchor 38mm Fairleads + 4x Recessed Mooring Bits
Anchor Handling Winch: 4x 18t Deck Winches & Ground Tackle & Flipper Anchors
SMIT Bracket: Fore and Aft Smit Brackets (Tow Connection Point), Towing Bridal Assembly
Spuds: 3 x Spud Wells @ 90mm

Tank Capacity

Drill Water/Water Ballast: 18 Tanks

Additional Details

Features: Office/Crib Room – M/F Toilets, First Aid Room & Store Room
Ice Machine – Manitowoc ID 0606 A – 251X. 200 L/Day
Sanitary Facilities, RO Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant.
Deck Plating 15mm, Bottom 12mm, Sides 12mm.

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