Thevenard Island Boat Ramp Approach Hydrographic Survey

Project Overview

Bhagwan Marine’s fleet of nearshore vessels continue to provide a service to the Chevron Marine Operations Services for Thevenard Island, offshore NW Western Australia. Both Bhagwan’s Marine & Subsea service lines support Chevron for this service. The Utility Vessel, Bhagwan Sea Stryder has been utilised extensively as a crew transfer vessel, cargo runs, a platform for ROV inspections and Hydrographic Bathymetric surveys.

 Bhagwan Marine were contracted by Chevron Australia in February 2018 to perform an IHO “Special Order” (International Hydrographic Organization) survey to allow vessels and landing craft access to the beach adjacent to the existing jetty. Bhagwan contracted EGS Surveys to conduct the hydrographic survey. Work was successfully conducted in the shallow nearshore areas of TVI during daylight hours relying on the cautious skills of the boat drivers and the reliable real-time data being provided by EGS. The vessel operated in and out of Bhagwan’s wharf alongside Beadon Creek which was instrumental to being able to offer this service to Chevron.

Bathymetric data, images and charts were provided to Chevron for the safe navigation of vessels to the TVI boat ramp.


  • Project Name
    Thevenard Island Boat Ramp Approach Hydrographic Survey
  • Location
    Thevenard Island, North West Shelf, Western Australia 
  • Scope or work
  • Hydrographic Survey of Boat Ramp Approach at Thevenard Island to ensure safe navigation of vessels to TVI boat ramp