Gorgon Project

Project Overview

The Gorgon gas project is a natural gas project in Western Australia, involving the development of the Greater Gorgon gas fields, subsea gas-gathering infrastructure, and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant on Barrow Island.[2][3] The project also includes a domestic gas component. Construction was completed in 2017.

Gorgon is also one of the world’s largest LNG projects and the largest single resource project in Australia’s history.


  • Project Name
    Gorgon Project
  • Location
  • Scope or work
    Bhagwan Marine were heavily involved in Gorgon and worked for a number of clients during the construction phase as summarised below;

    • Works: Provision of Tugs, Multicats, Crew Transfer Vessels
    • Area of Operations: Barrow Island WA
    • Client: Boskalis Australia
    • Period: 2 Years
    • Works: Tugs, Crew Transfer Vessels, Utility Vessels and Barges
    • Area of Operations: Barrow Island WA
    • Client: Saipem Leighton Contractors
    • Period: 3 Years
    • Works: Landing Craft
    • Area of Operations: Barrow Island WA
    • Client: OMSA / Chevron
    • Period: 5 Years