In a remarkable collaboration, Bhagwan Marine had the opportunity to showcase their expertise by successfully transferring Bentley Perth‘s exquisite vehicles across the Swan River
to The Raft in an exclusive unveiling of the new Bentayga.

Recognising the importance of a seamless and impeccable transportation process, the task of transferring the Bentayga onto The Raft presented an exciting and challenging endeavor for Bentley Perth‘s Sales Manager, James Hammond

“Thanks to our trusted friends at Bhagwan Marine, the perfect duo took a cruise across the Swan River and were ready for the Big Reveal”

The images captured were a testament to Bhagwan Marine’s impeccable execution, ensuring the vehicles arrived in immaculate condition ready to captivate Bentley Perth’s distinguished guests.

We extend our gratitude to Bentley Perth for enlisting our services and Outre Digital for capturing them in an unforgettable event.