Bhagwan Marine have recently been awarded a contract in support of the Australian Tidal Energy (AUSTEn) Project from their regional base in Darwin, NT.

Bhagwan will provide vessels and crew to support the ongoing research and development of Australia’s tidal energy resource over a number of charters in the coming months. The field campaign being in the Clarence Strait, specifically the channels around the Vernon Islands, 50km northeast of Darwin.

Australia is home to some of the largest tides in the world, and with tidal energy systems considered to have the highest technical maturity in the ocean renewable sector, it has the capacity to make a significant contribution to Australia’s future energy mix. However, knowledge of Australia’s tidal resource, its spatial extent and technical implementation remain insufficient for the tidal energy industry, regulators, policy makers and research community to make any assessment of their risks for investment in potential projects. The support works from Darwin will include deployment of various scientific sensors and gathering of hydrographic survey data in support of future operations and viability studies.

Bhagwan Marine Managing Director Loui Kannikoski said, “Bhagwan Marine is proud to be supporting such a project at the forefront of Australia’s Energy future and we look forward to continuing our support over the coming months’.