Bayu Undan Full Field Survey

Project Overview

Bhagwan Marine (BM) were contracted by the Santos to complete the Full Field Survey at Bayu Undan.

Bayu Undan is located offshore approximately 500km north-west of Darwin and 250km south of East Timor in the Timor Sea, in approximately 80m – 130m water depth.

Bayu Undan Platforms, Subsea Assets and flowlines were inspected by ROV with a full survey and MBES inspection spread.

The complete Gas Export Pipeline was inspected from Darwin Harbour to the Bayu Undan Field.

With the assistance of the Fugro Remote Operations centre, project personnel were operating onboard the Dryden and from the Remote Operations Centre in Perth, to complete the inspection scope of work efficiently and effectively.

Scope Overview:

  • 501km Gas Export Pipeline survey (regulator NOPSEMA)
  • BU Infield survey (regulator ANPM)
  • Rigid and flexible pipelines
  • Flexible risers
  • Umbilicals
  • Platform Jackets
  • X-trees
  • FSO inspections, mooring buoy, and midwater arches

The operations were completed successfully and without incident.


  • Project Name
    Bayu Undan Field Survey
  • Location
    Timor Sea, Australia
  • Scope of Work
    Full Field Survey & Inspection of Bayu Undan Platforms, Subsea Assets and Flowlines