Primary Information

Secondary Name: Barge
Vessel Type: Flat Top Barge
Classification: DCV – 2B
IMO: 9649287
Builder: Strategic Marine
Build Location: Vietnam
Year Built: 2012
Flag: Australian
Trading Area: Operational Areas including Offshore to 200 nm
Call Sign: N/A


Length Overall: 39.5 Metres
Beam: 15 Metres
Depth Moulded: 3.5 Metres
Design Draft: 2.3 Metres
GRT: 499 Tonnes
Dead Weight: 877 Tonnes


Propulsion: NA
Main Engines: NA
Total Power: NA KW
Gear Box: NA
Generator: NA

Speed and Consumption Performances

Full Operating Speed: NA
Economic Operating: NA
In Port: NA


Fuel: Litres
Water: Litres
Max Deck Cargo: 870 Tonnes


Nautical and Communication Equipment

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